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Adventure Days
Adventure days constitute an opportunity to combine the adventure, adrenaline and low risk with the physical preparation, effort and workmanship. >>Details


Outdoor Training
Outdoor training takes place in an open environment. Nothing is so authentic as the nature, it motivates the participants in an extraordinary way. >>Details
Special events
We can organize "the sports events" of your company, the field day of the labor plant, the annual camp of the company, the complementary activities of that training course they are taking etc. >>Details
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Ecoaventura, outdoor training adds a new dimension to outdoor education for youth, improving outdoor skills and environmental awareness. The company mainly offers the chance to gain competence, qualifications and practical experience in terms of conservation, education and outdoor skills.

We are clearly focused to use the outdoors as the mean of teaching, in order to address the attitudes and behaviors of young people. Moreover the empirical educational means chosen, act as a vehicle for a good learning.

The underlying philosophy of adventure as an educational program, consist of a 'guided experiential learning', in which teenagers, have direct experiences of challenge and nature, while accompanied by a teacher who uses experiential learning methods. At their best, outdoor educational programs can provide adolescents with effective rites of passage in developing skills for life.

Experiential education is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skill and value from direct experiences. A Group processing after each activity, is used to bridge the participants the learning experience and facilitate the application of this new knowledge to their specific social, cultural, educational and/or family context.

We want our students to have an engaging time learning new concepts that stretch their creative and academic limits. In small classes we offer solid academic and enrichment courses in all disciplines which are taught with flair and excitement wherever appropriate. Our outstanding teachers and staff, are way dedicated to help your child to reach his or her full potential, besides they have developed their curriculums to accommodate personalized attention on them.

The offer is targeted in few directions as:


    Pepe Navarro

    Adventures Director

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